The African Magician

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Feb 06 - Jun 23, 2017 | Vic schools

Always Working Artists presents
The African Magician by Afeif Ismail 
Transcreated by Afeif Ismail and Vivienne Glance from Arabic into English
In a valley, nestled between two hills, is a small village and a world of magic to explore.
 Join Grandmother’s Daughter and her friends on an enchanting journey of discovery. Featuring puppetry, song and dance, The African Magician is a celebration of child’s play in a different culture.
Originally written in Arabic by Australian-Sudanese playwright Afeif Ismail, the play is performed in English and combines the atmosphere of African street performance with contemporary narrative theatre.
Puppetry, mask, dance and original African music transport audiences to Sudan. The three actors play the children, villagers, animals and spirits, and encourage audience members to join in the celebration of traditional African culture.
The African Magician
Written by Afeif Ismail. Transcreated from Arabic by Vivienne Glance and Afeif Ismail. Directed by Jeremy Rice.
Ideal for: Year 1 – Year 6
Duration: 50 minutes plus Q&A
Cost: $6.60 (incl GST) Minimum booking 100 students
AusVELS Links: Interpersonal Development, The Arts, English, Communication
Artforms: Drama, Dance, Design, Music, Puppetry
General Capabilities: Intercultural Understanding, Personal and Social Capability 
Key Themes: African culture, Creativity, Storytelling, Traditional culture


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$6.60 (incl. GST) per student
Minimum booking 100 students