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Mar 26 - Dec 31, 2018 | Vic schools

Faster than a speeding bullet? More like, funnier than grumpy cat! 
Ben and Cassie use their superpowers of improvisation to transform audience suggestions into awesome comedy for tweens and teenagers. 
Improvilicious is improvised comedy for Years 6 - 10. Ben and Cassie use audience suggestions and on-the-spot improvisation to create new superheroes with unheard of powers, unexpected weaknesses, bizarre origin stories, loveable sidekicks, nefarious villains and super-heroic quests. 
Each show features a new epic adventure, along with guest heroes, sidekicks and villains from the audience. And because it’s improvised, every show is a super unique experience with guaranteed laughs.
It’s unofficially Marvel-lous, DC-vingly clever, and impro-larious fun. 
Brought to you by the non-secret organisation behind the improvised guides to High School (2015), The Internet (2016) and BFFs (2017), Improvilicious stars wonder-man Ben Russell (ABC TV’s Aaron Chen Tonight) and super-20-something Cassie Daly (Shania Choir). 




$6.60 per student
Minimum 100 students
“Inspired and hilarious” – Herald Sun