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Apr 16 - Dec 31, 2018 | VIC schools

Always Working Artists presents


Improvilicious: the Improvised Guide to High School
Will my snapchat go viral? Did that year 10 look at me? I have to do WHAT with that frog? High school is scary. Everything is bigger – students, textbooks, detention – and nobody lets you take a nap after lunch.
Ben and Cassie have the smarts to help you survive the challenges every kid faces in high school. Wanna overcome a bully? YOU GOT IT. Forgot your homework? NO WORRIES. Need a surefire way to approach your crush? WE’RE HERE FOR YOU.
From the guys who brought you Improvilicious: The Improvised History of Theatre comes the impro-larious, edu-comical, help-arific and interactive comedy for tweens and teenagers, Improvilicious: The Improvised Guide to High School.
Written by Melbourne’s sketch comedy genius and Theatresports champion Jimmy James Eaton, Improvilicious blends scripted comedy with improvisation, using audience suggestions to ensure no two shows will be the same!




$6.60 per student
Minimum 100 students
“Inspired and hilarious” – Herald Sun