Ruby Moon

Oct 19 - 30, 2010 | Deckchair Theatre

Once upon a time, a little girl called Ruby Moon set off to visit her grandmother at the end of the cul-de-sac. She never arrived.
Sylvie and Ray are consumed with finding their missing daughter. But the detective has no leads, a Ruby mannequin is not jogging anyone’s memory and their street has become a nightmarish labyrinth. So Ruby’s parents venture down Flaming Tree Grove, interrogating their neighbours in search of a final answer.
Clever, comic and disturbingly close to real life events, this fractured fairytale brings too life suburbia’s dark soul and deepest grief.
Ruby Moon by Matt Cameron
starring Benj D’Addario and Kate Rice
director Jeremy Rice
set designer Fiona Bruce
costume designer Cherie Hewson
sound designer Joe Lui
lighting designer Joe Mercurio
song composer Andrew McNaughton
19-30 October 2010
Victoria Hall, 179 High St Fremantle
Western Australian premiere
Director Jeremy Rice handles with deft control the actors' tricky transformations… And he has a couple of tricks up his sleeve - one at the play's very beginning, the other at its very end - that will make you sit up straight. – David Zampatti, The West Australian



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