Apocalypse Perth

Oct 22 - Nov 08, 2008 | Blue Room

In January 2008, an amateur theatre group based in Perth’s northern suburbs put on a show called Rock Apocalypse.  In February 2008, an anonymous review was posted online.  It was not favourable.  
What followed was an extraordinary online exchange of observations, criticisms, insults and invective.  It is a passionate debate over the quality of the performers, the lack of air-conditioning, the price of drinks at interval, the process of choosing and casting a play, what a paying audience can and can’t expect, and just who is entitled to be rude about it all anyway.  All played out on the internet, where everyone is a performer and no one is safe.
Apocalypse Perth is a verbatim theatre piece based on the online forum and interviews with those who took part in it and those who were crushed by it. See it and say what you really think.
The Blue Room & Always Working Artists present
Apocalypse Perth 
Starring Greg McNeill, Whitney Richards, Vanessa Trengove, Craig Williams
Written by Kate Rice
Directed by Jeremy Rice
Composer Ash Gibson Greig
Lighting designer Lucy Birkenshaw
Scenic art by Alison Brayford
Stage Manager Ursual Andinach
Publicity Roberta Alves 
“Shame.  Shame on you all.  We asked for a review, not a subscription to Sh!t-slinging Weekly.”


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