3 Seeds

Jun 17 - Jul 05, 2014 | Blue Room

Playwright and poet Afeif Ismail takes us on a compelling journey through the landscape of his imagination, an odyssey populated by humanity’s absurdity. Infused with rich visual and verbal imagery and a streak of irony, Afeif playfully asks: which came first, the human or the seed?
Written By: Afeif Ismail // Transcreation: Vivienne Glance, Afeif Ismail // Director: Jeremy Rice // Designer: Cherie Hewson // Sound: Joe Lui // Music: Rabie Abdelmajed // Lighting: Tegan Evans // Production and Stage Manager: Kennah Parker // Stage Manager and Flyman: Craig Williams // Assistant Stage Manager: Amelia Treneman
Featuring: Violette Ayad, Michelle Endersbee, Paul Grabovac, Janice Lim, Verity Softly, Kevin Mararo Wangai, Brianna Williams // Publicity images: Ashley de Prazer, featuring Ella Hetherington, Rhoda Lopez and Kevin Mararo Wangai


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