The Always Working Artists are Director Jeremy Rice, Writer Kate Rice, and their daughters Angourie and Kalliope.


We produce provocative and engaging performances in schools. Our school shows boast maximum theatricality, mature and original scripts, talented young performers and a swag of educational add-ons, including Q&A sessions, curriculum links, lesson plans and skills-development workshops.     


Our current school shows


  • 3 Seeds artwork by Ashely de Prazer featuring Kevin Mararo Wangai and Rhoda Lopez 3 SEEDS
  • Kalliope Rice in Royals by Kate Rice, photo by Madz Rehorek ROYALS
  • Monologue for a Murderer by Kate Rice photo by Madz Rehorek MONOLOGUE FOR A MURDERER
  • Vanessa Trengove and Whitney Richards, photo by James Rogers APOCALYPSE PERTH
  • Kirsty Marillier in The Fiction Makers, photo by Leigh Brennan THE FICTION MAKERS
  • La Pièce Perdu artwork by Phil MacDonald LA PIèCE PERDUE
  • Grandma's Face GRANDMA'S FACE
  • Playwriting workshops with Kate Rice at Metanoia Theatre Brunswick Mechanics Institute PLAYWRITING WORKSHOPS
  • Always Working Artists and the BIG HOO-HAA presents Improvilicious: The Improvised Guide to High School by Jimmy James Eaton for the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival IMPROVILICIOUS HIGH
  • Always Working Artists and the BIG HOO-HAA present Improvilicious for the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy festival IMPROVILICIOUS 2014
  • Always Working Artists presents Shoot From The Hip by Justin Cheek thumbnail image SHOOT FROM THE HIP
  • Always Working Artists presents Quiz In My Pants: Hardcore Trivia QUIZ IN MY PANTS
  • Ben Russell and Cassie Vagliviello in #improvilicious: the Improvised Guide To The Internet IMPROVILICIOUS 2016
  • Improvilicious: The Improvised Guide To BFFs IMPROVILICIOUS: THE IMPROVISED GUIDE TO BFFS